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Nemea has been linked with the first of the twelve of Hercules’ labors. Nemea is inhabited since prehistoric times. Today it is a vast vineyard with exceptionally fine wine. Visit Nemea and taste the famous red Agiorgitiko wine but don’t forget to visit the archeological site of Ancient Nemea too.

Nemea is considered as one of the best vineyards in Europe and has plenty of wineries which can be visited. Wine producers are very hospitable and are always eager to give you a tour in their facilities and will teach you everything about wine tasting techniques. A very special wine tasting experience is to take the specially designed Roads of Nemea Wine route.

What’s more interesting is the temple of Zeus surrounded by vineyards, the stadium and the ancient Phleious. This ancient city of Peloponnese, very close to Nemea, produced Phleiassio wine which is considered to be the ancestor of Nemea wine.

All archeological sites and museums of the area are open daily(apart from Monday) from 08:30 to 15:00